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My Take On ‘Lance The Liar’ & Time Wasting Interviews

By bullpenbrian - January 18, 2013 - 2:00 am Leave a comment.

Livestrong? More like Liestrong.

What a worthless coward. Lance’s doping isn’t even the worse part. The despicable treatment of his sport and the shameful behavior towards his teammates, specifically those dismissed from the team who failed to adopt the doping program, his fans and his foundation are unforgivable.

Lance tells Oprah “he’s now paying the price.” What ‘price’ I’d like to know? Besides relinquishing his cycling awards and repaying a pittance of money he unfairly earned, nothing has changed. A half-truthful interview does little, if anything, to repair the damage.

It’s not that I’m against second chances, lord knows I’ve needed a few, but I doubt this scumbag could do anything to re-earn the trust of anyone. If Sir Lies-A-Lot wants to do any favors he can crawl into a hole and disappear. What a slime ball disgrace.
It was nearly four years ago we watched Alex Rodriguez sit down with Peter Gammons on national television to come clean on his his use of illegal performance enhancers.

The most troubling part of that interview, however, was Gammons resistance to push A-Fraud with follow-up questions. But as Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News points out:

Make no mistake, once Gammons landed the interview with Rodriguez, his job was done. This was a huge coup for the Worldwide Leader. The rating, compared to a normal SportsCenter broadcast, had to be monster. That’s the important thing to remember here. Ratings and buzz rule. So what if you gain access by kicking your own credibility to the curb.”

Thankfully, Oprah pressed harder and dug deeper on Lance than Gammons did on A-Roid, but neither interviewer did justice for demanding a straight answer.

If I could hand pick the interviewer for both these clowns I’d go with Bob Costas, who remains one of the best in the business. His strong opinions have obviously made him a lightning rod for many viewers, but more importantly, there’s no denying Costas shows zero hesitation in relentlessly asking the tough questions, as he did grilling Jerry Sandusky in November of 2011.

As an aspiring broadcaster in college I often respected the bulldog interview approach of Jim Gray, who David Halberstam, an American Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, named as one of the 50 greatest sports broadcasters of all time.

Gray’s interview techniques, at times, became so confrontational it even made the viewers at home squirm. But Gray’s lines of questioning were also fact based and spot on…that is until ‘The Decision’ aired by ESPN on July 8, 2010 when Gray fed LeBron James softball questions about joining the Miami Heat vs. remaining with his home town Cleveland Cavaliers. Much like Gammons, unfortunately, Gray sold out to the ratings.

My hope is the art of skillful and proper interviewing will return now that sports fans have grown more accustom to ‘tell-all’ sit downs with athletes who have disgraced themselves and their sport (Pete Rose, A-Rod, Lance etc.). Perhaps just landing the exclusive interview the next time around (which we shouldn’t have to wait long for) won’t be enough to simple juke the ratings any longer…after all, what haven’t we seen or heard before during these time wasting publicity stunts?

For starters, hearing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a refreshing idea.


Jerome-O-Meter | Gm 21-25

By bullpenbrian - March 14, 2012 - 5:50 pm Leave a comment.

Jerome Walton

Jerome Walton finished his rookie season with 46 RBI (a career-high). Five came during an August stretch as he ran his hitting streak to 25-games. 

Walton twice drove in catcher Joe Girardi during a wild 16-13 loss to the Phillies at Wrigley Field (the most runs the Cubs allowed in a single game all season).

The following day Jerome’s 2-out, 2-run single was part of a six-run fifth inning, and 9-2 win against Philadelphia.

Two games later Walton smashed a 2-out double down the left field line scoring Domingo Ramos to tie the Phillies 2-2 in the fifth, but the Cubs eventually lost 5-3.

However, Jerome’s biggest hit during this run didn’t drive in a single run.


Rose & McGwire Strikeout

By bullpenbrian - January 13, 2010 - 1:15 am Leave a comment.

Mark McGwire should have learned from Pete Rose. Lame apologies mean little when there’s something to be gained other than forgiveness.

Pete wanted the Hall of Fame, McGwire a position as the Cardinals hitting coach.

Although Rose gave a worthwhile apology, he quickly blew his chances by heading to Las Vegas, of all places, to promote his newest book.

McGwire, on the other hand, simply lives in the denial that steroid and HGH use never altered his career numbers at the plate.

Seriously, whatever happened to apologizing simply because you’re wrong?


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