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Snuggie To Reverse Curse

By bullpenbrian - March 26, 2009 - 12:15 am 4 comments.


If I didn’t believe wearing a Snuggie to Wrigley Field would help reverse the Billy Goat Curse, the above picture doesn’t happen.

But with all apologies to my family and few friends – some now in the former category as of the posting of this picture – I couldn’t help but to take a chance on Snuggie power.

Man discovers fire, man walks on moon, man invents Snuggie BlanketCubs win World Championship???

So, if a little embarrassment on a balmy March morning means the Cubs raise a World Series flag next April, so be it…I’ll gladly take the hit for Cubbie Nation.

Yes, laugh at me now, but thank me later…let’s say around Octoberish, hum?


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