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Where’s Scales’ Halo?

By bullpenbrian - September 20, 2009 - 1:03 am Leave a comment.


Looks like Bobby Scales lost his halo.

The man’s burning-up in left field, too: misplaying balls in the corner and turning a should’ve been long out into a crucial home run ball.

Still, you can’t fault the guy for his effort. He’s playing out of position, he’s playing with pride, and he’s playing to make the team full-time next year. I’ll take that over Milton Bradley any day.

Speaking of which, Milton’s post game comments about leaving Chicago is music to my ears, and the best news from this club in eight weeks!


Thirteen Wins And Counting

By bullpenbrian - July 14, 2009 - 12:27 am Leave a comment.

Well, we’ve seen this movie before.

Thirteen straight wins for the AL. What an embarrassment for the NL.

Somebody explain to me how the AL having World Series home field advantage for seven consecutive years is good for baseball.

The last eight World Series to reach a Game 7 have all been won by the home team.


No Star Game

By bullpenbrian - July 13, 2009 - 10:40 am Leave a comment.

I’ve said many times that Bud Selig is not the bonehead many believe him to be.

Is he guilty, however, of some boneheaded moves as the Commissioner of Baseball?

Without question, yes.

The significance of World Series home field advantage being tied to the All Star game is perhaps, at the top of his stupidity list.

It’s not that I don’t welcome a competitive game between both leagues, but a meaningful game played under exhibition rules makes zero sense.

They’re two options to enhance the Mid Summer Classic.


Cubs Cards Double Dip

By bullpenbrian - July 12, 2009 - 1:17 am Leave a comment.


In all fairness, the Cardinals gave away Game 1 of Sunday’s twin bill.

That’s not to take anything away from Zambrano’s wonderful outing, including his home run.

But the Cards’ dropped infield popup, missed force play at home, and error by Pujols’ led to the Cubs’ final three runs.

Other than this fortunate string of miscues, it was another ghastly performance with RISP (1-for-12).

Is there a Cub more in need of the All Star break than Soriano?


A Catcher And A Gathright

By bullpenbrian - April 27, 2009 - 1:59 am Leave a comment.


No question Sunday’s game is the biggest win of the season for Chicago. Cubs avoid the sweep against its bitter rival, produce some much needed clutch hitting and maintain a record above .500.

Plus, winning on get-away-day is always a shot in the arm. And let’s face it, the Cubs needed some breaks before heading to Arizona where they are (10-25) since the ’99 season.

Kosuke Fukudome provided the offensive breaks Sunday. Just remember that six weeks ago Kosuke’s hitting was still a major concern. Now, he’s the centerpiece to a make shift lineup.

We heard all offseason how much extra conditioning Kosuke was doing to better prepare himself for his sophomore season – it appears to have paid off. Give the guy credit.

The hitting aside, quality starting pitching is the best cure to losing streaks. And, guys like Harden are who you want on the mound after dropping four straight.


Cubs – Cardinals

By bullpenbrian - July 7, 2008 - 12:21 am Leave a comment.

I know many of you were busy over the holiday weekend.

Below I’ve attached all the posts for the weekend Cubs vs. Cardinals series.

I hope you had a happy Fourth and thanks for checking back to Bullpen Brian!


Limp Woody

By bullpenbrian - July 6, 2008 - 2:21 am Leave a comment.

  • Saturday July 5th – Busch Stadium
  • Game (88): Cardinals 5 – Cubs 4
  • Record (52-36) – 1st place NL Central
  • Soriano Saga – (10-12)

The skinny: The irony with today’s ballgame is the Cards lead the majors in blown saves (20).

But, as Lou always says, what can you do?

No closer is perfect and Kerry Wood proved that this afternoon.

And although the right-hander has converted 81-percent of his save opportunities this year, it seems inevitable Wood won’t get the job done if the leadoff man reaches base.

I’ll risk sounding redundant to again point out the two no-no’s for closers.

A) Don’t walk batters

B) Don’t hit batters

Wood’s five blown saves have involved at least one, if not both, of these two sins.

Blown saves that lose a game are going to happen, but there’s really no justifying one blown save being worse than another; they’re still all losses.

Sometimes they just hurt more than others, like today: divisional road game vs. the arch rival.

Plus, with the Cubs not swinging the bat well lately it would have been nice to see the team defeat one of the NL’s best starters for the second time this year.

Speaking of which, where in the world did Kyle Lohse come from this season?

The 29-year-old hasn’t won double digit wins in a season since 2004, but this year he’s already (10-2) and looking to make an All Star appearance.

I give all the credit in the world to Cardinals’ pitching coach Dave Duncan.

Lohse has won seven of his last eight starts, posted a perfect 5-0 mark in June and leads all MLB pitchers in winning percentage (.875) since July 25th 2007 going (14-2).

Not to mention, Lohse has come a long way since his first start this season against the Cubs when he allowed eight runs on nine hits while taking the loss.

Still, Lohse is just one part of this Cardinal rotation that has surfaced as one of the best in the majors.

As a whole the Cards’ starting five leads the NL in winning percentage (.649) posting a (38-21) overall record. And let’s not forget about its bullpen leading the league with 20 blown saves!

I’ve preached since early March that the Cardinals are not going away in the NL Central race.

La Russa is a terrific manager, Dave Duncan’s ability to coach his pitchers is phenomenal and the team plays solid defense as well; its .987 fielding percentage is tied for first in the NL with S.D. and Colorado.

McClellan (1-3)

Wood (4-2)

  • Notes: The Cardinals set an attendance record this afternoon with 46,865 spectators filling Busch Stadium, that’s largest crowd ever at the new Busch, including postseason play.
  • Entering today’s game Jerry Wood had converted 12 straight save opportunities including a sparkling road ERA of 1.83.
  • Aramis’ two run shot should have been the game winning hit, although, the slugger did manage break an 0-for-28 skid.
  • Mark DeRosa’s long ball was his 11th of the campaign, he nailed just 10 bombs all of last year.
  • His career high for home runs is (13) set with Texas in 2006.
  • Former Cub Todd Wellemeyer (7-3) throws for the Cards tomorrow.

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