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Ranking the NL Central’s Ballparks

By bullpenbrian - April 15, 2009 - 12:43 am Leave a comment.

The Mets organization hit it out of the park designing Citi Field. They’ve blended the old with the new, splashed the park with terrific colors and opened a ballpark for the ages.

Ultimately, that’s the goal for designing a park. Most organizations get it, others don’t.

And as wonderful as some of these new parks are, I do get discouraged that not a single team has broken the mold of reto-style park in favor of something ‘stadium 3,000-like.’

That said, I keep the grading simple…does the park look magnificent, are the field dimensions unique and is it instantly recognizable on television?

The NL Central, with the exception of Wrigley, is complete with the opening of new ballparks. Below, I’ve ranked the division’s stadiums on the above criteria.


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