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Doug Glanville Explains Tiger’s Stripes

By bullpenbrian - December 28, 2009 - 1:15 am Leave a comment.

Strangely, I became a fan of former-Cub Doug Glanville while he was playing in Philadelphia, and not Chicago.

In high school my friends and I would take games in from the center field seats. With our sophomoric maturity at its peek, we relentlessly heckled the visiting team’s center fielder (not one of my prouder moments, mind you!).

Most players ignored us, but some shot us looks of disbelief and disapproval, which sadly entertained us. Others, however, like Glanville acknowledged the hazing and even played back.

Glanville’s specialty was flashing us his bright smile. The more we unloaded on him the wider it got. And for good measure, Glanville often faked throwing the baseball our way after catching the third out of an inning, and we loved him for it!


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