The Clawfoot Tub Is Back In Fashion

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Clawfoot Tub At Lowes

With a very special and original charm, the clawfoot tub is able to completely change the style of a bathroom. If enthusiasts love the decor, it is because mainly have a romantic and retro air. This type of spa is great with various styles of decoration, and can adapt to a modern interior, like a house of more traditional. Not enough to buy a clawfoot tub to create original bathroom. The question is to know how to enhance it. If you opt for a model with original curves, and exclusive colors, the ideal is to place it in the middle of the bathroom.

Then comes the time to determine the rest of the decor of the bathroom, but always from the bath, not forgetting to put a table near the tub to make beauty products. For practical reasons, you can choose to place the clawfoot tub with legs attached to the wall or in a corner of the bathroom. In fact it is the best alternative that you can take when we have a bathtub that has a straight side. In this case, it will be easier to install a shower curtain if you really cannot dispense with it, although it is not advisable.

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