The Dangers Of Using Asbestos Floor Tiles

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Asbestos Floor Tiles Risk

Asbestos floor tiles – Floor tiles containing asbestos are very common in homes built before 1970. Asbestos floor tiles became popular due to lower cost when compared to other types of floor coverings such as wood or marble. Use asbestos floor tiles become more popular when major fire prevention organizations recommend using the tile because it is fireproof. When compared with wooden tiles necessarily use asbestos floor tiles are safer from the danger of fire. Since that time many homes that use asbestos floor tiles.

But asbestos floor tiles can be a health risk. If the tiles are worn, or damaged the asbestos fibers can lead to decay. Fibers contained in the asbestos when exposed to the air and inhaled human will cause various harmful diseases such as lung cancer and other diseases. Asbestos- related disease can be fatal.

However there still believe the risk can be minimized by coating asbestos floor tiles with other materials bleak carpet or other floor mat. However in order to maintain the health problems caused by asbestos floor tiles some experts still do not advocate for it. I hope the article on asbestos floor tiles can provide benefits to you, thank you.

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