Twig Wreath: Simple And Very Friendly!

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Berry Twig Wreath

Twig wreath is an excellent material for manufacture of autumn decorations. twigs are an inexpensive material found everywhere in autumn. To his little stock of this “product”, just go out in garden or take a family walk in forest. rest depends on your imagination: You can create full of ornaments for your home or outside your home.

Twig wreath is often used in crafts of crowns autumn door. This is so because they provide a solid foundation on which we can easily attach all sorts of additional decorations: letters, dead leaves of paper or fabric, flowers, birds…

color of twigs and small branches of wood harmonizes very well with most classic elements of fall deco orange pumpkins, apples red or yellow, autumnal leaves in warm shades of season, etc. For this reason, all of these items are suitable for your projects with this DIY material.

In autumn, we rediscover charm of times spent inside house, next to an open fire. And a passion for decoration! twig can use to achieve more or less complicated chimney decorations, such as inscriptions with colorful letters, wreaths, picture frames or even candle holders and lanterns. In picture above, you can see a very interesting example of twig wreath; it is very friendly and does not require much effort.

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