Unique Inspiration For Basement Floor Paint

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Basement Floor Paint And Carpet

Basement floor paint – Whether you use your basement as a private, quiet vacation or just for junk storage, waiting for it provides a great canvas for your creativity to strike. Floor of your basement, when all furniture and boxes are moved away, offers a place to run free your artistic ideas.

For homeowners who are fans of TV shows like ‘CSI’, turning your basement floor paint in a mock crime scene just takes a little planning and a few cans of paint. A crime scene investigator heads to try crime scene to piece together what took place exactly, and one of ways in which examiner determines cause of death and possible crimes is to look at positioning of body of victim after it has been removed. Crime scene team members do trace a body on floor of crime scene before body is moved.

Put your basement floor paint in your own Pollock-style painting by selecting a pair of bright, primary colors and reaching for what your necessities around to painting. Put old socks in your hand, dip them in paint and drag them onto floor. Scoop painting with a spoon and dribble when you walk across floor. One of benefits of painting your basement in Pollock’s style is that you really cannot go wrong. Because artist uses as many drops and splatters to make up his work, if you happen to drop your brush, just over paint can or throw your arm over your body, you’ll only add to creativity of floor.

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