Vinyl Plank Flooring: Affordable And Effortless To Install!

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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Homeowners choose vinyl plank flooring because it is easy to install, low maintenance, durable and inexpensive. Options are limitless in styles, colors, designs, patterns and finishes available. Use it in all areas of your home, but can be particularly useful in a humid environment prone as bathroom or kitchen, and in an area of ​​heavy traffic, such as a lobby.

Sheet vinyl plank flooring comes in 6 feet and 12 feet wide, and usually professional installation is recommended. Order custom designs are an available option. Although it is more expensive than vinyl tile, vinyl sheet provides an uninterrupted panorama with barely perceptible seams.

Standard ranges vinyl tile size of 9 cm side and 18 square centimeters. You can also ask to be custom cut to your specifications. Incorporate different design patterns and colors to create a unique look. Be sure to keep a few extra tiles that damaged parts can be easily replaced at a later time.

Strips made of vinyl plank flooring are available in a wide range of colors. Place them with vinyl tiles to create a pleasant interior. Consider size of room when selecting a pattern. A large room can easily accommodate a larger pattern, but opposite is true with a small room. Use a small pattern when a room has been divided space, for example, cabinets, islands or appliances, creating a more pleasant overall effect.

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