White Oak Hardwood Flooring At Home Depot

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White Oak Hardwood Flooring At Home Depot

White oak hardwood flooring – Oak wood flooring is one of the best floor that you can install in your home. The good thing is that the oak is already available; therefore, you will easily get it at a bargain price. Oak is also easy to stain so that you can easily stain in the color of your choice.

There are two main types of oak floor white oak hardwood flooring and red. While they are very popular, very few people know their differences. To guide you though, here are some of their differences. Color: red oak has a pink color that is slightly lighter than white oak. White oak on the other side is brown, darker and more yellow. When you stain the two types, red oak tends to have red tones; however, when you desecrate two shades darker, the difference decreased.

Graining: red oak graining has stronger than white oak cool stuff with graining powerful is that it hides the dents and scratches, if you want your home to look busy is low, you need to install the white oak because it has a smooth appearance. Violence: white oak hardwood flooring is slightly harder than red oak. On the Janka hardness scale, while in 1360 the white oak red oak 1290. It is good to note that while softer than the red oak and white oak, it shows dented slightly less.

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